Why No One Should Tell You What To Eat

I can’t stress enough that the most important part of any health and fitness transformation is food. What we eat has the most profound impact on our bodies and overall wellness, you are literally, what you eat!

However, there’s ways and means to eating ‘well’ and it means different things to everyone. Yes, there are general principles that, if you follow, should have a positive impact on your health. Such as ‘drink more water’; ‘eat less sugar’ and so on…. But when it comes to personal nutrition, every(body) is different and it is so important to learn to tune into your own body and understand what does and doesn’t work for you. You don’t need to cut out every single ‘bad’ thing from your diet, and you know what, if you do, you’re much more likely to throw in the towel and surrender to the vices you’ve been dreaming about since you gave them up!

Some people just simply cannot function without a morning coffee, but some will go to great lengths to paint caffeine as a complete diet no-no. You know what, keep your morning coffee! If it doesn’t give you a headache or make you feel bloated, go for it!

Following a strict meal by meal diet plan with no personal input or acknowledgement of your personal tastes and preferences is completely counter intuitive. I liken it to being forced to watch a movie you don’t really want to. “But you HAVE to watch Star Wars, everyone is going, everyone likes it!” “But I don’t want to, I’ve tried watching the other movies and I just didn’t get it” you think to yourself, as you reluctantly take your seat, without popcorn of course because that’s ‘NOT ALLOWED’. So you sit there, bored, confused, trying desperately to enjoy it, going against everything that makes you, YOU …. Seems wrong huh? That’s because it is.

Following a strict diet plan that someone else has created can have a negative effect, teaching people to hate or fear food – which should never be the case. It’s the fuel you need to keep your body firing and as long as it’s generally good stuff you’re putting in, that you enjoy, it really is as simple as that. Eating should be a pleasure, not a chore and the odd treat is nothing to be scared of, it’s about balance and moderation. We as humans enjoy and thrive on familiarity especially when it comes to things like food, there’s an almost emotional connection we have with certain foods we’ve grown up enjoying for instance. Why give those things up?

I’ve seen so many people become slaves to weighing food or become afraid to eat because they might go “over” their allotted amount for the day. Something that should be enjoyable like going out for dinner with family or attending a social event becomes a scary thought. There is rarely long-term success with this kind of approach, and there certainly isn’t happiness. It just doesn’t make any sense having a standard diet approach for everyone.

We think about it differently at UFiiT by Adrianne – teaching everyone the basics of a healthy approach while acknowledging their individual tastes, preferences, and medical conditions. We teach you how to listen to your body and learn the foods that work for you. We as humans enjoy and thrive on familiarity especially when it comes to things like food, there’s an almost emotional connection we have with certain foods we’ve grown up enjoying. Why give those things up?

We help you to understand the types of foods that will benefit your body and general wellbeing (including the foods that make you happy) without the need for weighing quantities and calorie counting. Adhering to a strict calorie controlled diet isn’t effective because your caloric needs change daily. Some studies say that we burn between 200-400 calories just sleeping, add to that general activity plus physical activity then additional burn through experiencing certain emotions – it’s different all the time. Starving your body of what it needs can lower your metabolism, causing more damage in the long term and making it much harder to burn calories….which was your ultimate goal right? It is completely counter-productive. Think of your body and metabolism as a fire place, it burns better and heats up the house with more firewood not less!

When we measure food or restrict caloric intake, we tell the body two things:

  1. We don’t trust you to do your job
  2. We respect whatever the food is, more than we do you.

Think of your body as a second person. Someone you admire, love and respect, and that person was staying with you for the week. How would you treat them, would they be comfortable, fed regularly, made to feel at home and so on? Would we measure their food before putting it on the plate, would we restrict their calories because we took them out for a light snack a few hours before and they were still hungry? Of course we wouldn’t. We likely would tell them to eat more and trust that they would know when they were finished and not to over-eat. And if they did, they did. Next time they might not because they didn’t like how over-eating made them feel.

Let’s not forget theses facts: we humans are brilliant, we’re intuitive, we have internal checks and the ability to listen to and read our own individual bodies.

So why aren’t we doing that? Is it because we doubt our own abilities? We aren’t trusting in our ability to make the right choices for ourselves, or is it that it’s just ‘easier’ to listen to what we’re told to do? Maybe – but it’s time to start tuning into our own bodies and accepting that actually, we’re in charge of being the best people we can be, the healthiest, leanest, strongest, smartest…. whatever happiness means to you. You’re the boss, no one else. You know what works best for you and no one else.

Treating yourself with respect, less criticism, more understanding and effort will get you better long-term results than following any diet under the sun. Think positively about yourself and your body and you’re half way there. Give yourself credit for your achievement, nobody else.

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