Have you ever wondered why unhealthy foods seem to taste good and healthy foods taste bad? This is a great question with a double-sided answer.

I don’t believe that good food tastes bad and bad food taste good.

Most of the foods we eat are processed and packaged. They are pumped full of sugar, syrups, fat and salt to make them taste good. Take a walk through most grocery stores and you see the availability of processed food and their relative cheap cost makes them enticing options.

People can get lazy when grocery shopping, not paying attention to amount of sugar and salt in the foods they purchase. They eat what is put in front of them.

It’s terrible, but almost all the things we eat in restaurants and buy in grocery stores are processed. It is a deliberate attempt to keep people addicted to buying bad food.

Secondly, fast food or bad foods are a lot easier to access and a lot more affordable, Many healthy or good foods, can cost more.

There seems to be a deliberate attempt to make healthier foods more expensive. People will not spend a huge part of their paychecks on food. Especially when there are many other expenses to pay.

Thirdly, availability is also a factor. Because most good foods are often fresh and sourced from different parts of the world, it can be very expensive to transport them before they rot or become unsuitable for consumption. So they are often shipped using methods that are meant to keep them edible and suitable for consumption. Part of that process diminishes the freshness as well.

Despite the issues and cost of good foods, I believe the benefits are still enormous and eating healthier is the recipe for living better and living longer.