Maintaining physical fitness health and wellness, means there has to be a balance in our lives. And for some people, particularly young mothers, finding that balance can be a challenge. Moms today are charged with many responsibilities that consume their time, caring for children and households. Add on top, running a business or heading to a job every day and finding that balance becomes even more difficult. When the clock runs out on the day, it is often the woman who has sacrificed time for herself.

Every health and wellness strategy starts with a balanced diet and ways to get a daily dose of exercise that doesn’t cost enormous amounts of time. We’ll leave nutrition for another column. As for making time for effective exercise, here are some bits of wisdom acquired over 24 years in the health and fitness industry.

Why Mothers Fail Themselves

An effective fitness program will be effective if it is planned, specific, and fresh. At Ufiit, that’s our specialty.Individual planning allows you to get the most out of your precious exercise time — well-deserved time spent on you. On average, my Ufiit clients spend between 30 minutes to an hour exercising. The Ufiit method is specific and unique to the needs of each individual and their body type.

All of your exercises are customized, sequenced and defined in video routines for you. If it is not easy, quick and convenient to exercise, a fitness program will fail. And at Ufiit, we park guilt at the door and provide a positive and supportive environment. When a client reaches out for help, we go all in to ensure their fitness journey is a success. Just about every woman I know is a master at time management and organizational skills. They can make planning meals, getting kids to school, keeping things running smoothly at work and home look easy. I know it’s not, but ensuring there is “me-time” in that schedule can go miles on the road to better physical fitness and mental health. Physical activity can make you feel mentally alert and full of energy.

Exercise is viewed as a natural antidepressant because it releases mood-enhancing endorphins and stimulates the production of serotonin. This neurotransmitter relieves pain and regulates appetite, sleep, sexual desire, digestion, anxiety and stress. An exercise program can be as simple as two 15-minute sessions a day. It should include activities that you can perform as part of your daily routine and it needs to be quick and easy to see real success. For example, you could walk for 15 minutes after lunch. Tаkе уоur kіds tо thе раrk or walk the dog.Іf уоu аrе аn еаrlу rіsеr, уоu соuld tаkе еаrlу morning runs or get your workout in as soon as you get out of bed. Just as there are many benefits to making exercise a regular part of your routine, there are consequences to ignoring exercise.

Exercise fights stress. Stress builds when you don’t exercise, as cortisol levels in the body increase. This increase in cortisol exposes the body to a number of health complications that affect blood pressure, blood sugar, anxiety, depression and fat accumulation. Sleep, or lack of it, can have a significant effect on your health, too. Sleep is vital to allowing your body to recover and rejuvenate from your busy day. Ideally you are getting 8-9 hours a night, but if that’s not the case, think whether there are opportunities to turn off screen time, take naps, or adjust your nutrition to aid sleep. Lack of sleep plays a huge role in reducing insulin sensitivity and levels of the hormone leptin.

These two actions severely affect the body’s metabolism and increase the tendency towards unnecessary fat storage. This can lead to obesity and other complications such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Here are some Ufiit strategies for health and fitness success:

(1) Create a personal health, fitness and wellness mantra with five or more words. For example, I want to be more flexible, mobile, balanced, toned, strong and I want great posture. Make your mantra about more than a weight-loss goal or a cosmetic fix. Make your fitness mantra a vision for your mental and physical wellness.

(2) Learn and understand your body type: Knowing this is like having a road map or GPS to guide your fitness journey. When you know your body type, you understand your body’s needs and how to achieve your goals. Knowing your body type will help us create custom exercise routines that are transformational. At Ufiit, we believe body type identification has been a big reason why we get awesome results. Once we help a client understand their body type, we create the unique and specific exercises for that person’s body. There is no one-size-fits all approach at Ufiit.

(3) Make time for you because it that is the only way you can better take care of others. I always talk about the aeroplane analogy. When we are about to take off on a flight the flight crew always tell us during their safety demonstration to put on our own oxygen mask on first before trying to help anyone else. ts a great principle to live by and it is not selfish but selfless.

(4) Be proactively positive: I ask clients to consider the positive parts that make their lives awesome. My clients know the value of positivity and focusing on that a lot more than worrying all the time about what they wished could be better. At Ufiit, we ask clients to make a daily list of 10 things they love about their lives.

(5) Don’t compare yourself to others: This is one of the most unfortunate and challenging things I encounter among clients, especially those with children. I have had people bring pictures of celebrities they would like certain parts of their body to look like. “Can you make my butt look like this?” I would say, “Probably not, but together, we can change your body to be its best.” We cannot be or look exactly like someone else. And why would you want to be a fake version of someone when you can be a unique version of you? You are already great and being the best versions of you is just the icing on the cake.

(6) Be supportive: People who spend time taking care of themselves build capacity to give more to others. Fit, active parents have more energy to go out to play with their children instead of sharing screen time on a couch. Exercise doesn’t cost family time, it creates it.

Most women especially those that are mothers are givers and nuturers who often forget that they are also individuals who also have needs, goals and dreams. Alot of you often ignore, subdue, sacrifice and forgo your own selves for your children, partners, families and friends. Thank you for doing this because Its a great thing that you do. Although it can be thankless sometimes remember that you are the glue that holds most things together.and there is alot of gratitude and goodwill that comes with it even when its not that obvious to you..

But I ask you to consider these suggestions everyday:

(A) Am I putting on my mask first today? Remember put on your mask first before trying to help someone else.

(B) Am I paying too much attention or giving too much importance to the noise and negativity?.
Turn off the trolls and critics and resist the urge to criticize others.

See you on the Ufiit health and fitness train and thank you for being awesome.