Welcome to 10-Week Lean

Thanks for joining the team!

The program start date is Monday 9 January but in the meantime, there are 3 things I’d like you to do to get ready. (All of this information is winging it’s way to your email inbox right now too).

1. Join the private 10-Week Lean Facebook Group

This is where your workouts will be posted each week and where you’ll interact with me and the rest of the team. Hit the button below, select the ‘request to join’ button on the Group page and we’ll approve you.

Join the 10-Week Lean Facebook Group

2. Complete your food diary

Fill out our online diaries for 3 consecutive days and once you’ve submitted all 3 I’ll send you your personal diet analysis within 72 hours.

Day 1 food diary  Day 2 food diary  Day 3 food diary

3. Get the kit you’ll need

Here’s a reminder of the equipment you’ll need if you plan to do your workouts from home:

  • exercise mat
  • foam roller
  • Set of dumb bells (5-8 lbs for females, 10-12 lbs for males)
  • Resistance band
  • Swiss ball

I’ll stay in touch with you in the run-up to the start of the program on the Facebook Group, so don’t forget to join and say hello!

Let’s do this!

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