Some of my male clients asked why I did not have a post like the Ultimate home workout for men to do at home. 

Because I had written a post on the ultimate home workouts for women, it was only fair. 

Since it was a fair question, I felt it was time to write about the best workout routines men should do at home to achieve the best fitness or weight-loss goals.  


This home workout for men will focus on muscle building, strength, proportionality, toning, balance, and quick fat-loss

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There will be no youtube, Instagram, or Facebook exercises in this routine, so if you have old injuries, aches, and pains, this will be low to no impact, and there will not be any squats, burpees, deadlifts, planks, lunges, or jumping.


Below are a few things that you need to maximize the workouts and get fast results.So think about getting some of these things listed below. And if you already have access to them, excellent. The routine has many exercises that you can do without having all of the tools listed below.


Here are the tools we need.

1) Mat/Blanket

Mats will provide extra padding between your body and the ground. And they are very useful for protecting your sensitive hips, knees, and wrists on hard surfaces. 

They are also helpful for cleanliness and preventing your workout clothes from getting dirty as well.

2. Foam roller or small barbell

The foam roller is a very important tool for every weight loss, fitness, or body transformation journey. It is commonly used for pain relieve muscle soreness, tightness and alleviate inflammation. And it helps to increase range of motion through a self-myofascial release technique before and after a workout session. Although that is the primary or designated usage, we will be using it for something unique. Consider purchasing a top-quality foam roller if you do not already have one.

3. Resistance Bands

 It is one of my favorite tools, and it is probably one of the absolute best pieces of workout tools anyone can have. They not only save space, but they can provide an amazing amount of resistance that equals actual weights, and they are easy to throw in a suitcase when you go on a trip. I use them often with my clients and recommend that all my clients have a couple of them because they can do a large variety of the unique exercises I create for them. They are also great for warming up before your workout or play any sport. 

4. Jump rope/Skipping rope

The skipping rope is another favorite of mine, and I highly recommend it. If there is only one thing you would get on this list, this should be it. The skipping rope has so many great benefits, and I have listed some of them below.

 (A) It is a full-body workout

 (B) It burns serious calories

 (C) It improves coordination

 (D) It improves concentration

 (E) It improves heart health

 (F) It improves stamina and gets rid of fatigue

 (G) It helps to decrease belly-fat

 (H) It improves bone strength.

 (I) It tones your body parts

 And so on…

 When you skip, you do a full-body workout, and the amount of calories you burn in a short period is often phenomenal. That added to all the benefits I have listed is why I highly recommend skipping if you have the space for it in your home.

5. Weights/Dumbbells

The dumbells are probably the most common and most loved tool on this list. Some of its benefits are that it allows people to train each limb one at a time, it also helps identify imbalances from one side to the other, and it is a versatile tool to have in your fitness arsenal.

I will not be talking much about dumbbells because everyone is familiar with them and likely used them at one point or the other. 

But the only thing I would say is that we do not need the sizes of our dumbbells to be gigantic. Less weight equals more results based on my experience and opinion, so consider having a set of light dumbells and one set of slightly heavy.

 An 8Lb and 12Lb weight set is ideal to start with, and after 3-4 months, consider getting a 15Lb if you feel the 12Lb is not too challenging anymore.

6 .Eating/Nutrition

These are usually the most challenging part of any weight-loss, fitness, or health journey for most people, and I believe that eating should not be too Challenging.

Food and eating are simple when we go back to the basics but not easy when we try to implement them. There is a way of conquering food challenges.At Ufiit, after two decades of transforming and helping 2422 women and men become the best versions of themselves that nutrition or eating healthy has nothing to do with logic or lack of willpower most of the time. 

We believe that nutrition has parts that are not generic and one size fits all. Based on our clients, we discovered that nutrition has components that cannot be measured or calculated. 

We believe this is why most of us find it challenging to follow a generic diet program. We also found that this is why people have a hard time getting long-term sustainable success. Since we are all unique individuals, we have emotions and feelings that we attach to experiences and events. 

Food is one of those things that we attach emotions or feelings to and these feelings are often nostalgic and sentimental to every one of us. Based on this fact, we decided to approach our client’s nutrition in a unique and non-generic way. And it has been very successful. 

 Since what we eat is extremely important, it is said that our nutrition accounts for 70-80%, and exercise accounts for the remaining 20%. So how do we conquer food or nutrition without starving our bodies or killing ourselves? Read more here


Fit guy smiling eating salad

Let's get started.

This routine is unique, non-generic, and challenging, but it is not damaging, and it will get easier as you repeat it. It will help you tone-up, get stronger, lose fat, and find balance in your body. My program does not follow the premise of no pain, no gain, because I do not believe in that philosophy.


My method is based strictly on respect for your body ideology, so you should not hurt or feel any damage to your body, but if anything hurts while you are doing the routine, please stop. And move on to the next one and if it keeps hurting, stop altogether. (Consult with a doctor before starting any fitness or weight-loss regiment)


If you have not yet subscribed to my newsletter please consider subscribing. Click here and Subscribe Newsletter or Latest Update .Do three sets of 16 and 14 on each side when the exercise specifies a right and left. 

But when the video does not show that, please do 16, 14, and 12 reps.( Please take 30-45 second rest in between sets)*You have two choices on your sequence for the days you will be doing the workout. Choice one: Will be to do one day on one day off. 


Monday workout, Tuesday rest, Wednesday workout Thursday rest, Friday workout sat to rest. Sunday family and fun day. Choice Two: Two days on one day off. Monday, Tuesday workout, Wednesday rest. Thursday Friday workout Saturday rest Sunday is a family and fun day. 


**You should notice some changes in your second week if you are consistent. Repeat the following week and the one after.


***Warm up with jump rope for 7 mins at a steady pace, low intensity. Or do the Ufiit speed skater twice for a total of 4m.

Please do either of these at the beginning of every workout.


Day 1 exercises

Ufiit Speed skater

Ufiit Ham crucifier

Ufiit Zulu Warrior

Ufiit Penguin

Ufiit Ab Baller

Cool off with 7mins jumping rope/Ufiit speed skater

Day 2 Exercises

                      Warm-up with 10 mins jumping rope. No skipping rope?

                                          You can do the Ufiit speedskater.

Please do either of the above before you start every workout.

Ufiit Bosu traveler

Ufiit arm dumbbell twist

Ufiit Zulu warriors

Ufiit one-legged bench flyers

Ufiit lunge correction| Stop killing your knees


Jump rope for 7 mins at a steady pace, low intensity. Or do the Ufiit speed skater twice for a total of 4m to close out the secondary. Have any concerns or comments concerning this workout? Please leave a remark below: 


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