Tamara Barriga

25, Fitness Model, Canada

I finally purchased and wore a bikini - with confidence!! Working with Adrianne not only changed my physical appearance but also how I viewed myself as a person

Tina Grant

25, Fitness Model, Calgary, Canada

I have spent many years training and struggling with diets but it was only when I started to train with Adrianne at Ufiit that I truly saw results and changes.

Julie Miller

25, Fitness Model, Calgary, Canada

This journey was the experience of a lifetime. I found myself excited for each workout to see what we were going to do next.

Jesse Shan

25, Fitness Model, Calgary, Canada

This was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Adrianne at Ufiit was the most creative and talented trainer I have ever met. Having trained for years myself and having other trainer's, he is the best of all the rest. I not only got a great physique working with him, but I now have the best confidence.

Amy Williams

25, Fitness Model, Calgary, Canada

I was referred to Adrianne by a friend that worked with him. Was not sure whst to expect because I had never had a trainer before. But my experience was great, I felt like he knew is stuff and really cared. The results I got still amazes. I feel beautiful, sexy and powerful. Thank you Adrianne.

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