As much as we want COVID-19 to be over so we can get back to our lives pre-lockdown, we cannot. We need to adapt to the new normal of working out and eating healthily in our homes. We should also consider that this is an opportunity to stay healthy, to rest and reset from our hectic and busy lives. 

Being always “on the run” and having busy daily routines leaves most of us tired, stressed, and anxious already and this pandemic is making things worse. The COVID-19 pandemic is making it more difficult for most people to find the right balance between being healthy, taking care of their families, taking care of themselves, keeping some level of fitness, and living a new normal that involves being stuck at home. This has added a lot of pressure onto people’s plates in a really devastating way. 

Not being able to work or socialize with our family and friends is tough. Most people have to work and need to work. And as we all know, many of us put work before most things and use the outlet of socialization with family and friends as a counterbalance tool to working or overworking. Most people work so much that they forget to look after their health, fitness, and wellness. As much as this lockdown is unwanted, it might be a necessary evil that forces people to rest and reset.

Most of us have forgotten that the body needs rest advice to stay healthy and that the rest helps to boost our immune system; a vital tool our bodies need to protect us from illnesses and diseases like coronavirus. The experts have told us that we can protect ourselves from coronavirus when we do social distancing and isolation. 

But besides social distancing and isolation what else should we do to protect ourselves from this scary disease?  Boosting our immune system.

What does an immune system do? 

The immune system is a defense system that protects our bodies against foreign substances and diseases. But our immune system can only work for us if we do the right things to keep it healthy and strong.

So, what are the healthy ways to strengthen our immune system? 

1. Sleep:

One of the most important ways to stay healthy and boost our immune system is to make sure we get proper sleep. Sleep keeps us functioning well and it allows our bodies to reset and repair. The recommended amount of sleep we should get is 7 to 9 hours nightly. A really simple way to improve your sleep is to limit the amount of time you spend on the screen because research has proven that it will not only help you fall asleep quickly but it will also improve your quality of sleep. This means that you should avoid your  phone, t.v and laptop about an hour before bed. 

2. Rest:

Resting and resetting can be in the form of reading a book, meditating, sleeping, taking a bath, and many other activities. Stress is one reason why we should take the lockdown to our advantage and spend some time alone resting. 

3. Staying active:

Governments around the world have ordered people to stay at home in efforts to reduce the spread of coronavirus. However, being inactive is dangerous to our bodies as it affects both physical and mental health. Staying active, on the other hand, has many health benefits. For instance, physical activity helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels reducing the risks of being affected by several chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Being physically active has also been associated with keeping the immune system functioning effectively. It helps increase the circulation of white blood cells, which then become very useful in fighting infections. There are many ways to stay active at home, and some of them are: reducing your screen time, handling the house chores, dancing, having a family fun day, and taking a walk.

4. Exercising:

For some, working out is an everyday activity but as we all know, it is not everyones cup of tea. Some of us find exercising to be a chore. But will that belief change now that corona is here.? Since it is one of the important ways to make our immune system strong. A Lot of research proves that  exercising is key to our health and immunity.

But  the pandemic has made It crucial to avoid the gym or any other crowded places, so how can we exercise in our homes and how do we know the right  exercises to do?

There are so many unique ways to exercise and stay fit without the gym or equipment. If you want an example of this unique way checkout Ufiit by adrianne ( They use an approach of fitness, weightloss and wellness  based on your body type.

5. Diet:

Nutrition is a critical factor in leading a healthy lifestyle, and this is the best time to check on our diet plans. One of the biggest challenges most of us have with the lockdown is overeating and overdosing on carbs. If that is you, don’t feel bad because you are not alone. Turning to our comfort foods is a normal thing when we are in situations we cannot really control. This virus came from nowhere and all of a sudden we had to change the way we live our lives not because we wanted to, but because we had to. But we can still eat properly and healthy because our body needs it to boost its immunity. 


It is important to include fruits and vegetables in our diets, while we try minimize our consumption of junk food. It is unrealistic to tell people to stop eating junk food. However, with the lockdown in place, it is difficult to find a lot of healthy foods as some grocery stores are not open. In this case, you can substitute fresh with dried, canned, or frozen fruit and vegetables. It is also clear that with people at home, snacking constantly and overeating is very common. Setting meal times, eating mindfully, and making healthy snacks is recommended.

6. Supplements and vitamins:

Although no supplement or vitamins have been known to directly treat the coronavirus, research has shown that our immune system can benefit from taking certain vitamins, supplements or herbs. Consult with our doctors or healthcare provider before trying any vitamin or supplement.


Those who struggle to relax or get a restful sleep should consider meditation. There are many types of meditations, so it is up to you to pick the one that works best  for you. The mindfulness, focused, mantra and movement meditation helps calm the brain. The CALM App is a great meditation app and it is free.

8.Staying in-touch:

Although social distancing is now compulsory, it is essential to check on your friends and relatives. Hosting parties and social gatherings are not allowed, but with technology making our daily routines more comfortable, you can connect with loved ones online. We need this now more than never, as social connections have proven to give some content to life.

9. Hygiene: 

Good hygiene and regular hand washing with soap will help prevent the spread of germs. We can also engage in the proper use of hand sanitizers, gloves, face-masks or face coverings to limit the spread of germs when we need to go out in public. 

10. Avoid smoking:

Smoking can cause inflammation, reduced circulation, and oxygen reduction in our body. Not smoking helps your body fight off illnesses or diseases like coronavirus.

11.Learn something new:

Thanks to the lockdown, we have nothing but time. And we can use that time to learn something new. We all have things that we have always wanted to do like gardening, making crafts, learning to play an instrument or learning a new language might have been put on hold because of your hectic and fast lifestyle. 

Now is a good time as any to try those things and the best part of it is that you can do it at your own pace. An hour a day might be enjoyable and it might help reduce stress, improve your emotional, mental state and add some excitement to your life.

This pandemic has transformed the way we live our lives in unforeseen ways and the way we thought about our lives has been forever changed by COVID-19. So far it has been imposing it will and has negatively impacted people in almost every country and it continues to infect people at a rate that has never been seen before. Without a vaccine to treat the virus, it appears that there is no end in sight for COVID-19. The only opportunity we have to slow its spread is social distancing and isolation, but even with these measures in place there is still no guarantee.  

This makes the coronavirus pandemic one of the most worrisome and difficult times that we have ever experienced. Human beings are not designed to be in isolation or physically distant from each other. The virus loves it when we don’t isolate or social and physically distant ourselves- this virus thrives on. This is also what makes this virus very dangerous. This virus also does not discriminate. It infects the young, the old, the healthy, or unhealthy. But if we work hard on boosting our immunity as well as social distancing and isolation, we can stay healthy until we have a cure.

These are challenging times but we will overcome it. You might find some of my suggestions are not for you but there might be some points you find helpful. To get started on boosting your immunity, go slow and don’t feel bad if you get frustrated. New things can be frustrating. For example, if doing a full-body workout at home seems too complicated, you can begin by starting with exercises that target your favorite part like arms.

You can learn about that body part and find out more interesting information like the type of body you have