Stop killing yourself with diets

Unfortunately, there are too many diets that are based on starvation or not eating. And people seem to keep believing and falling for them. As living things, we aren’t meant to starve our bodies, nor are we going to succeed in losing weight by depriving ourselves of nourishment.

We need to eat enough, and we need to eat often to be healthy and well. We also need to eat appropriately for the goals we are trying to achieve.

Stop killing yourself with diets

These are some of the issues that can arise from not eating.

  • By not eating, you will destroy your metabolism, and your metabolism will slow down and eventually shut down. Which will make your body not let go of the excess weight.
  • If we don’t eat, we will also force the body to cannibalize our muscles and hold on to the fat you have on your body.
  • If you do not eat, you will increase your cortisol levels, which will also cause an increase in your blood sugar levels. And if you are someone that has imbalances in your levels, to begin with, you can make things worse for yourself because it can lead to more severe health issues. (Cortisol is the hormone that makes our body store fat)

Losing weight is simple but not easy. We need to understand our body, respect it then create a plan that is basing on the goal you want to achieve. My advice to client’s is to eat a balanced diet that is basing on their body type more often.

The fact and secret about food is this “The more we eat, the more you burn.” It’s not the other way around. “Fire only burns well when there is firewood.” Here is my article about eating fir your body type Eating For Your Body Type – Eating For Your Body Type

Don’t starve yourself, and it’s dangerous, unhealthy, and fruitless because you will still have the weight to lose. See a qualified expert if you need more clarity and help.

The Ufiit approach is the ideology of balance and non-starvation.

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