Sculpt the Abs that you Love

If there were a secret recipe for getting six-pack abs, people would be lined up at the exercise buffet all day. But the reality is six-packs aren’t easy to develop and, frankly, they aren’t for everyone.
Some people believe you need to be very lean for abs to show, or you have to do a million push-ups daily to get results. To a certain extent, it is true body fat has something to do with chiseled abs, but it’s not the most important thing. You can still have great abdominals as long as you do the right exercises for your body type while following a healthy lifestyle that includes eating healthy.

Sculpt the abs that you love

I remind my clients how unique they are. We are all pieces of art created by different artists, each with their own unique characteristics and style. But each piece of art has its own unique beauty.
As a pro trainer for 23 years, I have always believed you can never succeed when you don’t know or appreciate the subject (yourself). And part of knowing the subject requires that you avoid a generic approach to fitness, weight loss, bodybuilding or body transformation. There is no single secret recipe, but there are ingredients that will lead to success.

If a flat stomach or rippling abs are part of the fitness goals, you need to know this:

(1) Your body type

(2) Why you want your six-pack

(3) Will six-pack abs complement your body?

(4) Are you willing to follow the strict routine required for a six-pack and be patient for your results to come?

Many people ask for my best abs exercises, and I will share a few of them below, but know that you really need to commit to a complete program to get the ultimate results. Simple and six-pack are words that should not be used in the same sentence.

Remember, whether it’s a six-pack or not, you can have a stomach that you love and looks great.

Here are some of my unique exercises to develop a flat stomach and six pack abs.

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