Unique programs for Unique results.


Unique programs for Unique results.


Unique programs for Unique results.

Why is Ufiit Different?

Do exercise routines that work for your body type

The idea of exercise is simple and it has been around in one form or the other through human history and It’s been formulated and developed into various types systems, programs and methods with varying success.

We have been told to believe that without punishment or pain we would never see results. This is a false believe because many people work hard and smart without pain or injuries.

Ufiit believes that no pain no gain is punishment and it usually leads to injuries or damage to the body. From the clenching, grinding, tensing and strain to the ligaments, bones and more we cannot keep doing this to our bodies and expect success.

But because the no pain no gain approach is the only practice most people know, they unfortunately keep doing it until they get hurt and discouraged. 

Why Ufiit is your alternative

The common ideology

The Ufiit Ideology

Which of these do you agree with?


You are the same as everyone else


You are not the same as everyone else


Your body is unique and non-generic


You do the right exercise for the body you have


You don't do the right exercise routines for the body you have


You are tired of complicated information about health, fitness and wellness


You want simple non-repetitive, non-boring and fun routines

If you answer yes to half of these questions Ufiit is right for you

These are 7 characteristics of proper exercise
Exercises should be functional
Exercises should be non-invasive or damaging to the body
Exercises should promote mobility, strength and longevity
Exercises need to be fun and exciting to keep people engaged and motivated
Exercises should not be abusive to the human body
Exercises should not be based or measured by how much pain you feel

Why Ufiit is Unique

Everyone probably tells you how unique and different their program or method is from any other program out there.
They say all the right words to draw people in then sadly, they fail to deliver. You discover that the routines that you are given are not ‘special’ or ‘unique’ as they were claimed to be but rather, they are generic, cookie-cutter, and a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness.

Ufiit believes in letting our work speak for itself. If you’re curious about what our clients have to say, check out our testimonial page. But don’t take our word for it, experience it for yourself.



Respect Your Body

Ufiit’s philosophy is, ‘Respect Your Body’. The
Ufiit methodology was founded on this
premise and is the alternative to ‘No Pain, No
Gain’. We want our clients to become the
best versions of themselves and it starts with
treating your body with respect.

One-Of-A-Kind Routines

Ufiit’s exercises and routines are one-of-a-
kind, something that you won’t see in any other program or gym. Ufiit’s exercise routines are focused on getting you long-term results, in addition to being functional, effective, challenging, fresh, and promoting

Low-Impact = Preventative & Sustainable

Your workout shouldn’t hurt! Ufiit’s refined
system includes highly effective, low-impact
routines that anyone can do. Over the past
26 years, Ufiit has helped many clients. Some
clients have had pre-existing issues; however,
this didn’t stop them from achieving their
fitness, weight loss, or transformation goals.

Unique Exercises

Ufiit exercises are anything but repetitive.
The Ufiit system contains hundreds of
different exercises with numerous
combinations of sequences that are
stimulating, functional, strengthening, and
transformational for your unique body type.

Other Programs


No Pain, No Gain

Most programs are based on the old-school
philosophy of ‘No Pain, No Gain’, an outdated
ideology that many current exercise routines
and programs are based on. This method
believes that to see results, people must
abuse and punish the body.

Generic Routines

The same exercise routines are recycled and
reused with the aim of getting results for
people with different body types and fitness
goals. How can this work when our bodies
are not the same and our individual needs
are different? It doesn’t.

High-Impact = Damage & Burnout

Many programs do not account for the wear-
and-tear and heavy compression that they inflict onto the body, causing damage to the knees, back, shoulders, elbows, etc. Over time, working out starts to be a painful
process which is why many people will either:
(1) exercise less frequently or (2) not work
out at all! This can be very frustrating.

Boring, Repetitive Exercises

Doing the same combination of exercises can
get boring. Repetitive routines can leave you
feeling unmotivated which can make working
out seem like a chore.