We all
have work
to do.


Ufiit programs, with unique exercises for every body type, every lifestyle.

Offered through private online groups, Ufiit programs build community to connect, and stay motivated and accountable. Participants receive entry to a private online library to access Ufiit recipes, group chats, galleries and Ufiit life hacks to live your best life.

There are no rigid equipment requirements and all the exercises can be done in a fitness facility or your own home.

Ufiit programs include:

Fresh workouts each week.

From 25 to 45 minutes, workout a minimum of three times per week with multifunctional exercises designed for your specific body type

Instant support network.

Private Facebook groups will be home to share ideas, motivation, success and encouragement from Adrianne!

Nutrition advice to maximize fat burn.

Receive a personalized diet assessment before you begin. Learn how to create the best nutritional plan to support your specific fitness goals.

Ownership of your results.

Learn about the Ufiit way to turn your success into a sustainable lifestyle change.

Pick the program that fits YOU.


    Join this online training program to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. In under two months, see your body transform by honouring it with effective, body-type specific exercises. This is the best program if you’re looking to see results and want to be part of a supportive community.

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  • U-25

    U-25 is ideal if you want to have exciting new workouts designed specifically for your body type. It’s a great way to exercise smart, and start making regular workouts part of your routine — or to take your existing fitness program to the next level.

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  • FIIT-3

    This intensive three month program will completely realign your mind and body with incredible results. Body-type specific workouts delivered weekly will keep you challenged, and this program will leave you feeling stronger, healthier and happier inside and out.

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Group Classes – coming soon to a city near you!

For those of you who thrive on the energy of a group, Ufiit offers group fitness classes. Lead by trained Ufiit instructors, these unique classes honour all body-types and offer challenging, stimulating and fun exercises.


Work on creating a well-defined and sculpted gluteus maximus.


An energizing total body workout designed to build definition and strength, without pain.


Create definition, and strength, while working all muscle groups in the body.


Support your fitness program with a guided stretching routine to keep your joints and muscles safe.

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