Are you stuck or struggling to lose belly fat? Or do you wish you had a flat tummy or that glorious six-pack but can’t get it no matter what you do? You are not alone.

There are many people in the same boat as you. Alot of people can’t lose weight and transform the stomach area and they find this extremely frustrating. The truth is that people are doing it all wrong, losing weight and changing the body is not a generic process.

It has to be specific to your body type and the exercises have to be different for the different areas of the stomach .

1. Recipe eBook by Adrianne
2. Exercise videos from Ufiit



There are so many people that believe that the sit-ups are is the answer getting a great stomach or six-pack but it is not and it will never be.

The abslicious book is a filled with so many unique and fresh exercises that specifically helps you get a flat stomach or six-pack.

These are not You Tube or social media exercises, they have been vetted and perfected for over 25yrs by Adrianne Oyewole a very successful fitness expert and health coach.


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