Pick a Fitness Plan that Works for You

We are all different and that means we will all enjoy doing different things. The exact same principle has to apply to your fitness regime. You are much more likely to ‘fall off the wagon’ (or maybe ‘fall off the treadmill’ is more appropriate here!) if you are doing workouts or training you don’t enjoy.

If you are just doing something because everyone else is doing it, you won’t get the results you are after because you won’t be fully committed to it. And if you have a fitness plan that you actually like, you will be more likely to stick with it.

Think about what your fitness goals really are. Are you preparing for a marathon? Do you want to increase your stamina or your strength? Or is it more about muscle mass or weight? The answer to this question will determine what your fitness plan should look like. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to fitness – using the wrong plan will not get you the results you want. Find out what you are really committed to and figure out the best strategy to achieve that goal before you start on your fitness journey!

Set yourself a fitness goal

Choosing the right fitness plan needs to start with the goal you are looking to achieve. It’s your goal that will determine the path you need to get there.

So to begin with work out, what your primary goals are, and what the most important thing is to you. For example:

  • If you want to run faster or improve your 5k time, then a running training program is what you’ll need.
  • If you just want to lose weight and get stronger, a combined resistance and cardio plan could work.
  • If your goal is primarily to look good, a body building routine might work best for you.

Be specific about your goal too, what is it you’re really looking to do? If it’s to build endurance, lose weight or build muscle – you’re not being specific enough! Those are three separate goals with three very separate training solutions! Pick the one that is the most important to you and then set yourself mini-milestones for achieving that goal, with deadlines. Here’s an example:

  • My goal is… to lose weight
  • How much weight? 30 lbs
  • By when? 6 months
  • OK, so let’s break it down into goals by month – 30 lbs / 6 months = 5 lbs per month

So now you have set yourself the goal of losing 5 lbs in one month – put all of your focus on achieving this first goal before you move on to the next month. It will make it feel much more manageable.

Setting the plan to match your fitness goal

Your plan needs to be more than a collection of randomly put together workouts and meal plans from dozens of different sources. There are a few factors you need to look at while figuring out the fitness plan that works best for you.

One of the most important things you need to assess is your current skill level. Someone who’s new to regular exercise will need a vastly different plan than an experienced athlete who may be coming off a longer break. Consider the type of exercise that you have the most experience with (cardio? weight lifting?) and decide if you want to keep working on that area or delve into something new. Make sure you learn the proper form first before learning anything new, so you don’t end up with an injury. It’s also important to consider your typical recovery ability and factor that into your workouts.

Make sure not to forget practical considerations as well! How much time do you have available for workouts? What kind of equipment do you have access to? Be realistic when planning how much time you are committing to your plan – keep in mind that there will be good and bad days and account for both.

Weight loss needs a caloric deficit, so any plan needs to be based around you burning more calories than you’re consuming. However, your diet will vary a lot depending on your individual needs. Be ready to try out a few different things if you feel unsure about how your body usually responds to different kinds of food.

Do not forget to consider your preferences! You’re more likely to stick to workouts you actually enjoy, so look through a variety of exercises to find what most appeals to you.

Choosing the wrong plan (or no plan at all) will at best be detrimental to your motivation and at worst cause you to get injured, so neglecting to think things through before you start will end up being something you sorely regret!

A plan for weight loss and improved fitness

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