UFiiT Philosophy

Respect Your Body

That’s the philosophy behind UFiiT – taking everything we know about health and fitness and making it safer, more effective, and more enjoyable.

The UFiiT model has two pillars. First, that we are all unique. Each person has a different body and body type. There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to health and fitness. UFiiT breaks the stereotype that there is only one way to get a phenomenal body – and only one type of ideal body!

Second, UFiiT builds a strong connection between the mind and body. Unique exercises, aligned to body type, promote functionality, strength, endurance, mental alertness, muscle, tone, body awareness and enhance positive self-image.

The result is an exciting, results-driven program that helps manage weight, promote longevity, health and even help clients live well and be more youthful.

No rigid diets. No unsustainable results

UFiiT is not a prescriptive exercise program with rigid rules and diet plans. Respecting the body means working with its gifts and limitations, and making everything personal, as every body is unique. When we honor the body we have each time we work out and fuel it, it always feels good!

Clients learn how to tune in and take ownership of their body, and how to make smart diet choices. UFiiT empowers clients to understand the movements in each exercise and why they matter. Clients can define and create their own ideal and learn the steps on how to achieve their goals in a realistic, and safe manner.

  • UFiiT is not about “do this and look like this”.
  • UFiiT is about “be empowered to create the best version of yourself”.

Work with your body, not against it

Anyone can do Ufiit exercises regardless of age, current health or physical abilities. And UFiiT exercises can be done anywhere – at home, in a gym, on vacation or travel, with or without weights or equipment.

UFiiT is for people who want to feel more youthful, healthy, fit and happy. Physical exercise boosts endorphins and can make us feel good, but when the exercises make our body feel good, we want to exercise more often. That’s how a Ufiit routine turns into a sustainable, healthy lifestyle with long-term mental and physical benefits.

A different type of trainer challenging what’s possible

For over 20 years, UFiiT creator Adrianne Oyewole has successfully competed in both fitness and bodybuilding competitions using only Ufiit methods. His success and training style defies the belief that achieving peak physical condition requires an intense and restrictive training regime, often perceived as painful and abusive. That model simply doesn’t work anymore.

Adrianne’s training style delivers results that meet or even exceed society’s “ideal” within the Ufiit premise of respecting your body. “No pain, no gain” is a thing of the past. When stress is eliminated from exercise, our bodies perform at their best. UFiiT removes the stress, pain, and fear from exercising in a safe and sustainable program that delivers exceptional results.

Are you ready to master your personal wellness?

Let Ufiit be the toolbox for you to honor your body and master your personal wellness. Select a UFiiT program and training style that aligns with your body type and goals to be a stronger, healthier and even happier version of yourself.

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