What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is one of those important health-related words that has turned into a buzz word. Food labeled as nutritious is frequently seen when advertising everything from cereals to organic chicken. But, what really is nutrition? When we talk about nutrition, we are referring to eating a variety of foods necessary to be healthy.

Nutrition Basics

These nutritional factors, also known as nutrients, give us the important things we need to maintain our health, feel good, look good, have energy, and promote longevity. It’s an important part of a everyone’s lifestyle since our nutrition accounts for 70-80% of our health and exercise accounts for the remaining 20-30%.

There are seven important nutritional factors essential for our bodies to thrive and our overall health to be optimal. They are:

  • Water,
  • Carbohydrates,
  • Protein-Amino acids,
  • Fat,
  • Vitamins,
  • Mineral,
  • And omega-3 fatty acids

Why it Matters

We can all benefit from proper nutritional habits. A big percentage of the western population is overweight and many suffer from health problems and conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and obesity. Yet, leading a healthy lifestyle that includes balanced nutrition and a specific exercise program based on body type and personal strengths will help in your journey to a better and healthier lifestyle.

One of the biggest challenges for people when nutrition is concerned is that they get too much information from too many sources. Some sources are legitimate but many are not. People are constantly being told “eat this; eat that, or “don’t eat this; now you can eat this”. This gets confusing and demoralizing for people who desperately need real help and solutions. Ufiit recommends that non-clients seek answers from experienced and proven experts like certified personal trainers, fitness coaches, or registered nutrition counselors.

How is Ufiit’s nutritional approach different?

We can agree we need good nutrition to live healthy lives, but what most people do not agree on is how to eat nutritionally according to different lifestyles, understandings, and pocketbooks. At Ufiit, we’ve spent two decades transforming and helping over 2,419 women and men, and we’ve found that for people who struggle with nutrition, the problem is usually not based on flawed logic or a lack of willpower.

Instead, we believe that nutrition cannot be a one-size-fits-all plan. Based on our clients, we know nutrition has components that cannot be measured or calculated which makes it difficult for most people to successfully follow a generic diet program if they want long-term, sustainable success.

For example, one of those components is how our emotions are related to food. Since we are all unique individuals, we have different emotions and feelings that we attach to certain experiences. Food is one of those things that we often attach emotions or feelings too.. And because the feelings are often nostalgic it can create sentimental feelings that can have an effect on our eating habits.
Since we are all different,t our experiences and sentiments will be different. Based on this fact, the approach we use at Ufiit is unique and specific to the needs of our clients.

We have a three-pronged approach to nutrition. It focuses on:

  1. Information and Education:
    Ufiit believes that educating our clients is our number one task. We teach clients about how certain foods react with their bodies. When our clients know more about problems like inflammation and what foods cause it, we can help clients to understand how to eat and what amounts of different foods to eat.
  2. Simplicity:
    We keep things simple for our clients by providing unique tables that help them understand what their bodies are communicating to them and what areas they can improve.
  3. Specificity:
    We do not do generic food plans or diets because they usually don’t work. Instead, we provide clients with options and types of foods that they can incorporate and can switch in and out of their nutrition table. This helps clients get a good balance of nutrients that will not cause inflammation, will increase energy, and will help better their overall wellness.

Here are the Ufiit steps for nutrition:

  1. Write it Down:
    Ufiit has a unique and proprietary table that we have used with thousands of our clients for over two decades. It has not only given our clients phenomenal results, but our clients have also expressed that it is the easiest way to learn how to eat and become healthier.
  2. Clarify:
    Ufiit believes that people generally want to be better. Sometimes the issue is that they don’t know enough about or understand the subject matter. We work to clarify misconceptions and set people on the path to wellness by helping clients get the information they need to achieve their individual goals.We have helped all types of people from all walks of life. Our clientele includes moms and dads, doctors, professional athletes, Olympic athletes, models, and actors, and they have had amazing results in improving their health, fitness, and wellness.
  3. Empower:
    Ufiit’s objective is to help you become independent and successful as soon as possible. When clients come to us, we help them sort out the fact from the falsehoods. We simplify everything to help them create a better plan that empowers them to be the best version of themselves.
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Ufiit believes that using pictures is a great way to make people understand what they are doing.
Alot of people like the pictures we have above showing how long it takes food to digest in your stomach.

Everyone comments that gives them a unique visual effect and different perspective about how food is received and processed in their stomachs.

Understanding of food

Ufiit believes that when people understand and focus more on how they should eat instead of what they should be eating, they often have more success because nutrition is less of a challenge.

Unlike most diets that focus on what to eat or not eat, ufiit believes that there are many reasons that make it itmpossible for people to find real sustainable results from diets, and these reasons are why many people fail in their weightloss, wellness and fitness journeys.

Here are the reasons:

Health reasons

Many of us can eat things that some of us have sensitivity or allergic reactions to.
For example: some people believe that fish is a great replacement for meats but unfortunately some people can not eat or even tolerate the smell of fish.

Socio economic reasons

Alot of people struggle to make ends meet and they can not afford alot of the foods that most of these diets call for.

For example, avocados and quinoa are staples of most popular diets but as we all know, avacados are not cheap and neither is quinoa.

Geographical reasons

Many diets are based on certain types of foods. And some of these foods only grow in different climates and terrain. This can make them difficult to find in terrains where they don’t grow naturally and very expensive if you do find them.

Nostalgic reasons

Most of us have a fondness or happy feelings about certain times in our lives. The birth of a child, an event that was fun, eating and spending time together as a family, or going for an epic dinner on a first date e.t.c

Some of details of what takes place at some of these memorable events often create a permanent reminder for us and it is very common that we do like to revisit or re-live those good times in our memories.

For example: I had a wonderful client who loved to drink alot of coke when I met her. Her daily average was 8 cans when we started, she said she had tried for a long time to stop or atleast limit the amount with zero success. After the 3rd wk of training her, I asked her to fill out another Ufiit food table for me, she said nothing had changed since she first filled out the first one in the first week. But I insisted, so she did. Then I asked her to write down the first time she had a canned coke. At the bottom of the page, she got very emotional and started crying. I was SHOCKED and felt very bad, so I asked her why she was upset. She replied, my first love at 16yrs. That was the first time she had a coke.

There was such a nostalgic attachment to that past event that she re-lived it daily by drinking a coke.

She doesn’t even drink pop anymore and its been 3+years.

This is not to say that it is the same situation for everyone but there might be a lesson that can be useful to everyone and no diet had ever worked for her because they were not based on her.
(Nostalgia is defined as the sentimental, affection, to the past typically for a period , things or place with happy personal associations).

Taste buds

We are all unique and different, so it is impossible that we will all like the same things. So if a diet tells you to eat this or drink that without the opportunity to customize it to you specifically, then it might not be for you.

Do you know how long it takes food to digest in your stomach?


Keep it simple and learn how to use the food like a tool that it is and stop giving it so much power.
What if you can create the lifestyle you choose without starving or punishing your body would you do it?

Respecting your body is just the beginning.

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