Nutrition the UFiiT way


Analogy 1

Plug your bathroom sink and put all the food you ate, drank and chewed for one day in your bathroom sink. How long will it take to go through the drain once you remove the sink plug? The sink is actually alot bigger than our stomachs, so think about that a second time. Would it be stressful to the digestive system and track? Yes it would.

  • How we eat might be fundamentally more important than what we eat. We have always been conditioned that it is the what we eat that helps lose weight and manage weight gain, but that hasn’t worked for us and it never will long term.
  • Food and eating has a different meaning for everyone, Ufiit found that there are several meanings for food for different people.
    Here are some of them food is nostalgic, it’s the enemy, it’s the nourishment, it’s the social connector, it’s the friend that fills the void during lonely, or boredom times and it is the medicine for some.
    Based on these definitions alone we can see that the food that we love for different reasons cannot be the same foods that we one day decide to push away or limit because we want to be healthier.
    The “what” is not the answer for weightloss, weight management and better health. The “how” is. It’s the road map that gives us the path and structure to achieve our goals. How means we seek to do and understand. What is often a judgment or criticism of the act.

Analogy 2Ask someone what have you been doing? Compared to saying to someone how have things been? What would the response be and how would that person respond?

  • Diets and gimmicks do not work but a lifestyle of properly informed nutrition and understanding does. A lot have done and failed at diets or we know people that have.Its because they are too focused on the “what” of food rather than the “how”.
  • One thing will not work for everyone because we all do not like the same things and in some cases we cannot all afford the same things.
  • We all have attached meaning or some comfort and familiarity to that specific food, drink or treat. Because it makes us feel good and safe.
    It address in one way or another some of those factors listed above. That is why healthy living and healthy eating cannot be about “what” to eat to be healthier or lose weight it has to be based on the how to eat and be healthier.

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