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Ectomorphs are often noticed, and envied, for their slim and slender frames and long limbs. It’s often thought that this body type has no struggles with their weight or to build muscle. Weight gain can be a concern for ectomorphs, due to their high and fast metabolism, which can also make it hard to build muscle.


Endomorphs are often recognized as being round and soft, or denser, than the other two body types. Their frame can be thick, and their muscles more bulky. Endomorphs can have a slower metabolism and gain fat quickly, although they can also possess great strength in their lower body.


Mesomorphs appear to be the most athletic and physically gifted. Often considered the strongest body type, and the most capable, yet this is not scientifically proven. This body type can build muscle easily. Females often have an hourglass figure, and males have shoulders wider than their hips. Mesomorphs can respond quickly to the right kind of exercises, and can also quickly gain or lose weight.

UFiiT for Ectomorphs

  • 1 Unique and Specific

    Unique and specific exercises to safely build muscle and create muscular endurance.

  • 2 Don't Over Do it

    Preserve healthy ligaments and protect joints by not using hard and heavy weights or “overdoing it”

  • 3 Be Encouraged

    Encouragement that slim and slender frames are the best starting point for strong, lean fit bodies.

  • 4 Accentuate

    Accentuate the best assets while developing areas for improvement.

Popular Ectomorphs: Kate Moss, Kobe Bryant, President Barack Obama.

Fun Fact: Ectomorphs can eat anything, and as much as they want! They can often be great endurance athletes, such as Kenyan and Ethiopian distance runners.

UFiiT for Endomorphs

  • 1 Exercise! Exercise!! Exercise!!!

    Exercises promote lengthening and elongating the muscles – working in opposition of their natural tendency.

  • 2 Preventive Measures

    Eliminating compression exercises from their routines altogether to prevent increase in width or mass.

  • 3 Muscle Build

    Working on building strong lean muscle.

Popular Endomorphs: Zac Efron, Oprah, Jennifer Lopez and Marilyn Monroe.

Fun Fact: Endomorphs make up the largest number of people on the planet, and the least likely body type to survive a famine.

UFiiT for Mesomorphs

  • 1 Less is More

    Instilling the belief that “less is more” – pain and high intensity does not equal results

  • 2 A Balanced Approach

    A balanced approach yields the greatest benefits.

  • 3 Athletic Ability

    Natural athletic ability is a great foundation to challenge both the mind and body with unique exercises.

Popular Mesomorphs: Lebron James, Venus Williams and Jennifer Garner.

Fun Fact: Mesomorphs have more muscle mass than body fat giving them a more muscular appearance.