How to Beat Your Fitness Plateau

We’ve all been there, you embark on a new fitness regime, you start off well and enjoy good progress for a couple of months, then all of a sudden a week or so passes….and nothing. No more weight loss, you can’t seem to increase your pace, weights, or whatever your end goal may be.

If your fitness has plateaued, it could be because:

    1. You’re following a fitness ‘routine’ – the body adapts very quickly to routine, and if you stop challenging it with new movement your progress will stop. Your body thrives on change, and your muscles need to be constantly challenged to keep improving in strength and endurance.

    2. You’re doing the wrong kind of exercises to match your goals and your body type. Every ‘body’ is unique, and yours will respond better to some exercises than others, depending on your body type. Understanding your body type and doing the right kinds of exercise to complement it will reap better results.

    3. You’re bored! As the saying goes…variety is the spice of life! Your mind is a powerful engine, if you’re not mentally engaged in the exercise you’re doing, the body won’t physically engage either. You may feel that you’re still pushing yourself as hard as you were when you were making real progress, but chances are you’re not – because you’re no longer mentally stimulated.

The strategy of following the same ‘fitness routine’ week in, week out, simply stops working after a short time; it can also increase the likelihood of injury. It can be extremely demotivating when you feel you’re working so hard and getting nothing in return, this is the point when it’ll be most tempting to throw in the towel – just like reaching the dreaded runner’s ‘wall’. But don’t quit!

Beat fitness fatigue with a new way to workout

At UFiiT, we have designed over 900 brand new exercises based on over 19 years of study and experience training clients. They are patterned after natural movements the body unconsciously makes and aren’t damaging or invasive. Our programs are designed to keep on surprising the body so that plateau is not an option.

The 10-Week Lean Plan gives you a new workout of unique exercises to follow online every week, as well as a personalised diet analysis and ongoing learning and support from a private Facebook group. Here’s a sneak peek at one of the 10-Week Lean workouts.

For best results, aim to do this whole workout a minimum of 3 times this week. Follow the same sequence of repetitions and rest times for each exercise:

  • 11 reps (rest for 55 secs)
  • 13 reps (rest for 50 secs)
  • 14 reps (rest for 45 secs)
  • 12 reps (rest for 40 secs)

Rest for one minute before moving to the next exercise.

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