How to Make Time for Fitness

‘I just don’t have time’ is the reason so many of us give for not exercising or eating right. Well here’s the truth of the matter. We all make time for what we want to make time for.

If your health is important to you, you will make time for it. So no more excuses! Here are some top tips for making time in your life for fitness:

  1. Plan ahead – identify the times in your day and week when you could make room for exercise. It’s different for everyone and it needs to work for you. If you’re a morning person, could you get up an hour earlier? If you’re a night owl, can you add an hour at the end of your day for fitness?

  2. Be prepared – If you aim to workout in the morning, make it as easy as possible for you to do it. Lay out your workout clothes, get your work clothes ready for afterward, set up your workout space so you can get going straight away if you’re at home, give yourself no excuse!

  3. Add small workouts into your day – get up from your desk and outside for a walk at lunchtime! It’s easier to find five minutes here and there than two full hours of your day, but a lot of five-minute activities add up.

  4. Get your family involved – if you lack time for exercise due to family commitments, why not rope them in too? Schedule family hikes, team sports, after-dinner walks, bike rides or get your kids and partner to do your workout videos with you. Make fitness the norm in your family and create a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

  5. Multitask – it’s easier than you think to work in a workout into your everyday activities. The most obvious time is to make your TV time active – do some push-ups, squats, lunges, planks, or yoga poses while you’re watching. Keep an exercise ball or a jump rope near your TV or your laptop. Do calf raises while you’re standing by the stove waiting for your food to cook. Again, many small things add up!

  6. Rise and shine – for most people, the day only gets more demanding as it goes on, so it might be best to get it ‘over and done with’ first thing in the morning so that you don’t talk yourself out of it as the day goes on.

  7. Make it intense – if you have limited time, you can still achieve great results by focusing on short, high-intensity exercises when you do find some space in your calendar. Staying focused and keeping up the intensity can take you a long way even if you only have 30 minutes a few times a week to spare.

A fitness plan you can follow at home or in the gym

My 10-Week Lean program is an online fitness and nutrition plan I run several times a year for small groups of people looking to kick start or rejuvenate their fitness routine. The workouts are designed to work your whole body and burn fat long after you’ve finished, helping you lose weight and tone up as quickly as possible. Plus you’ll get a personal diet analysis to make sure you’re fuelling your body correctly throughout the program and after.

The program is run from a private Facebook page and spaces are limited so that we can get to know one another and keep each other accountable!

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