How To Make Any Recipe Clean

When it comes to eating clean, it’s often much easier than you think and it doesn’t have to be boring either! You rarely have to alter the essence of your favorite dishes to achieve a cleaner plate. The key to turning them into a “clean” dish is to start from the root – the ingredients.

To create healthier and cleaner recipes, it starts at the grocery store where you choose your produce, whole grains, dairy, proteins, and other items. It just takes paying a little more attention to what you’re putting in your basket. Opt for whole foods where you can and avoid anything processed. Look for ingredient lists that are short and contain no preservatives, artificial colorings or added sugars.

A great rule of thumb is to be wary of anything with more than 5 ingredients or an ingredient you can’t pronounce!

Eat balanced meals

Balance is the key to creating healthier, cleaner meals and snacks. You can use fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean, clean meats to create this balance. By doing this, you are combining protein with carbs and fat which will fuel your body and quash hunger pangs, making you less tempted to reach for sugar-laden treats or junk food.

Clean ingredient substitutions

In addition to that, substituting some ingredients will help create healthier, cleaner meals.

Here are your basic substitutions:

Original ingredient Cleaner substitute
Sugar Organic maple syrup / organic honey (substitute by weight, not volume)
White flour Whole-wheat flour / almond flour / coconut flour
White rice Quinoa / brown rice
White bread Organic whole meal bread – aim for ingredients with no sugar, no soya flour, no emulsifiers, no hydrogenated fats, no preservatives.
Potatoes Sweet potatoes
Milk almond milk / coconut milk
Cheese Aim for full fat and the least processed. Cottage cheese is a good option. Go for block cheese rather than grated
Yoghurt Opt for full fat, organic and plain
Condiments, dressings and salsas Make your own to avoid the added sugar and excess salt

Get creative with fruits and veggies

Fruit and veg can be used as cleaner alternatives to foods you would usually use to ‘fill out’ your plate or to snack on. Here are a few ways to incorporate more fruit and veg in your diet while getting rid of some less healthy foods and drinks:

  • Use avocados as a bowl for poached eggs, salads or quinoa
  • Swap out potato chips for apple chips, beet chips, sweet potato chips or kale chips
  • Use apples and celery in place of crackers to pair with nut butters
  • Use veggies instead of pasta and rice, such as zucchini noodles; spaghetti squash and cauliflower rice
  • Instead of drinking fresh fruit juice or diluting juice, infuse plain water with fresh herbs, and fruits to create interesting and refreshing alternatives.

You’ll be surprised at how nice they taste and how quickly using these healthy alternatives becomes a habit!

For many of us, including rice and pasta in our meal is psychological – we feel that a meal is not complete without them. So just by substituting them with something else we feel a lot more comfortable than removing them altogether – plus these veggie alternatives pack a great nutritional punch, so it’s win-win!

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