Exercise Gallery

Some of our many unique routines

Ab shredders with ball

Ab twisters with ball

Abs baller

Adrianne’s deadlift

Air bosu press

Alternating Bicycle

Back flyes kneeling (Ufiit style)

Back Rows (Ufiit style)


Bench leg- lifts

Butt and hamstring Blasters

Butt and inner thigh toner

Bells (Biceps)


Crazy Leg Blasters



Double stick lunge

Egg crusher


Frog legs

Fly-high twists with bands (upper body)


Ham crucifier

Hamstring tilt

Heel to toe (bench)

Heel to toe

In and out dips for triceps

Leg lifts (single)

Leg lifts (Double)

Mat crunchers

Multi functional chest and abs

Oblique rippers

Oblique shredders

One Arm Dumbbell lunge

One Arm dumbbell twists

One-legged butterflies

One legged step-ups with kick-backs

Penguin (abs)

Pull Up twists

Pump tips (Triceps)

Pumper (abs)

Resister (abs)

Reserve dumbell curls (Biceps)

Reverse Grip kick-ups with one leg

Roundabout with bands (Shoulders, arms, upper body)

Short-bar stiff legged deadlifts

Shoulder Blasters with plate

Side to side wipers

Side twists with rope or exercise ball

Side and ab ripper with ball

Side to side burners

Single & Double leg ups (Abs)

Single ab blasters

Sleeping shoulders

Smith Bar push-ups with a kick


The gypsy

The prayer

Wipers on the ball

Zulu warrior

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Based on the U-25 cardio and weight training series by Ufiit.

This is subscription based and it includes our libary of on demand workouts that are unique, non-generic and regularly updated.

There are hundreds of different programs in the category and they are not common like the ones you see on YouTube or other social media platforms


U-25 is ideal if you want to have exciting new workouts designed specifically for your body type. It’s a great way to exercise smart, and start making regular workouts part of your routine — or to take your existing fitness program to the next level.


This intensive three month program will completely realign your mind and body with incredible results. Body-type specific workouts delivered weekly will keep you challenged, and this program will leave you feeling stronger, healthier and happier inside and out.