Create a Vision Board to Stay Motivated

Staying motivated to stick with any fitness program can be tough.

A great tip I’d like to share with you is creating a vision board, made up of pictures that remind you of your goal and why you’re pursuing it! Seeing these images and keeping them somewhere you can see them easily can be a great motivator.

What kind of images should you put on your board?

Anything that reminds you why you are putting all the hard work in, in the first place, they could be images of:

  • The body you want to have
  • Clothes or outfits you want to fit
  • An event you’re building up to – that could be a race or a wedding
  • A holiday you’re going on

Where to put your board?

Think about where you are likely to be when you find it hardest to motivate yourself and put it there.

That might be your bedroom if you struggle to get up and workout in the morning, or at work if you can’t force yourself to go for a run at lunch.  Now I know you might not feel all that comfortable displaying a vision board of fit bodies and great clothes at work, and this is where the beauty of the web comes in – you can do a virtual board instead on Pinterest, and set yourself a calendar reminder to take a look at it.

A less time-consuming option is also just choosing one picture to remind you of your goal and setting it as the screensaver on your phone so you’ll always see it. It could be someone who is your ‘fitspiration’ or maybe a holiday destination where you want to show off your hot bod. Just whatever it is that will help you say ‘yes’ to the next workout, or ‘no’ to the next cream cake (although everyone deserves a break and a treat every once in a while!)

So get online and find a few images to print and paste to your board, or get onto Pinterest!

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