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CHUBBY IS NOT NECESSARILY FAT. We need to understand and not underestimate the significance of this statement. II was asked this question twice by two different people, and I have heard people say it non chalantly a few times. 

Because the way it was said and received did not sit well with me, I felt that it was something that I wanted to write about. My goal in this article is to create a conversation, to help people understand that the characteristics we possess are a result of our genes.

 Too many people have had to deal with being defined, categorized and labeled as “Chubby” or “Fat” and it is not only unfair but rude. 

And I would go a step further and say it has contributed to self-image and body dislike issues in society. Many researchers have found that genes can be responsible for weight challenges, so if you are an offspring of obese parents, you might be predisposed to being obese but it doesn’t mean that you are 100% going to be.Too often, people look at someone and assume that because of their body shape or body type they are fat when they are not. Most of us just have different body types based on our genetics. 

 As we all know, our genes or genetics are not something we have control over, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot absolutely influence or control the predisposition of our genes with the right diet and exercise if we need to.  The truth is that we all fall into 3 different body types: ectomorph, mesomorph , and endomorph.


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All 3 body types are what nature has given us through our parents and they all are different from one another, but each one has a great advantage over the other as we all know. Because there are advantages and gifts that each of us possesses that someone else doesn’t have are the things that make us unique.Based on this, the opportunities that we have with our specific body type are to understand it and learn how to accentuate its great qualities while improving the qualities it naturally doesn’t have.

The truth is that each one of us has something great that is associated with our body and mind. But we also have something obvious and non-obvious that we could improve on. So categorizing someone else because of something obvious they might already struggle with is not helpful or kind. In my opinion, these words are often used to body shame, insult, belittle and put someone in a category that isn’t often positive.

Some people might say that they do not say these words to others to be mean or negative but the fact is that no one takes being called fat or chubby as a compliment.

Yes, some people are fat and their health, lifestyle, and wellness might be in jeopardy so it is necessary to address it. But I am sure we all can agree that most people with weight challenges know they have them. If we look at it differently, we might notice that some people are just stuck and need support, encouragement, and positivity.

When we put classifications, categories, or names onto people’s bodies that are demeaning and negative even if we think we are doing the right thing, it forces a mentality of “me (or us) against them”. It’s one thing when some clients say to me, “I hate being fat and I want to change that”, but often they also follow up with a comment like, “I have always been chubby” or “I was a chubby kid and people made fun of me all the time”. It makes me sad for them because they have gone through a significant part of their lives feeling less than everyone else.

And it was absolutely unnecessary because those two words are different.


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Body type

Fat is not necessarily chubby

Chubby is defined as having a naturally high capacity for fat cells within the body while maintaining a normal human shape; usually resulting in a round face, curvy figure, and a softer, thicker body.

Fat is not necessarily chubby.

Different from chubby, “fat” refers to the number of fat cells within the body that exceeds the body’s natural carrying capacity, thus forming cellulite, rolls, etc. as the body no longer has space to store accumulated lipids.

(As defined by The Urban Dictionary and my experience as a health and fitness expert for 26 years with Ufiit.com)What if we start to consciously avoid these names and call people by their body types instead of through body appearances. 

Thereby removing categorizing and labeling based on body and self-image. None of us appreciates being judged.

If we learn about all the body types including our own, we might be able to understand why someone has a body that is different from ours, and we can see them more for the great qualities their body possesses, rather than use it as a judgment of what society has said is not popular.As the saying goes,” don’t judge a book by its cover,” One shouldn’t form an opinion on someone based on what they see on the surface, because what we see or find might be very different after looking deeper

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Here is a great book https://amzn.to/3rLOdqT that you can use to help you understand why you don’t need to use your judgement energy anymore. You can make it your super power.