Can I develop muscles after 40?


It is possible, and you absolutely can if you follow the steps I have listed the 

As long as you follow these steps, you can be healthy, get in the best shape of your life and gain muscles at 40 and beyond.

(1) Learn your body type. (

(2)Create five short-term and five long-term goals.

(3) Stop doing generic routines that are not specific to your body type and it’s unique needs.

(4) Do exercise routines and workouts that are not damaging to your ligaments, joints, and bones.

(5) Avoid high-impact exercises and routines because they can damage your joints. The truth is that you can get great results without doing high-impact exercise routines. 

So I suggest that you do low-impact exercise routines like the Ufiiit by Adrianne ones.

(6) Consider using a combination of free weights and exercise bands. They will help sharpen and improve your stabilizing groups and postural muscles.

They also increase the use of proper form. As we know, that is important because as we get more mature in years, our stabilizers start to weaken and can increase the opportunities for injuries to our ligaments and tendons.

Using bands mixed with some dumbbells will help minimize the continuous pounding on your joints.

Most people either don’t know about bands or don’t use them because they believe it affects their image or shows others that they might not be strong. 

This belief is far from the truth, and it is the absolute opposite of what truly happens. 

As we all know, fitness and health should not be damaging, generic, and one size fits all. 

So if we observe others using tools like exercise bands, the last thing we should do is assume it is because they are not “strong”.

Middle aged healthy female

But this assumption might not be accurate because people that are using bands might be knowledgeable. So assuming that they don’t know what they are doing might also lack accuracy.

 Because there is a lot of data that proves that unconventional methods and new tools like exercise bands can be the best way for people to achieve success based on their goals, body type and not damage their bodies. Finally, I would suggest that you consider creating a plan that includes understanding your body type. This should be the first step because it will give focus, direction, and quicker results that are sustainable.

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