Fitness Expert Adrianne Oyewole Challenges ‘No Pain No Gain’ Fitness Practices

Fitness Expert Adrianne Oyewole Challenges ‘No Pain No Gain’ Fitness Practices

Fitness Expert Adrianne Oyewole Challenges ‘No Pain No Gain’ Fitness Practices

Have you looked across the room and noticed that we all come in different shapes and sizes? So if we are that different, why do we think that doing the same exercises and routines will produce the same results for everyone. 

In fact, we are so different that scientists have created names for each of our unique shapes and sizes. 

We are all so different and unique that is why we’ve got names for our body types, yet almost every trainer tells you to squat or do the same exercise routines. This is why people struggle, relapse, and don’t get the results they desperately seek.

Based on the principle that we all have different body types, strengths, and challenges Ufiit was born.


UFiiT is an online fitness program that goes against the common “no pain, no gain” ideology that so many other programs focus on. Instead, we’ve used over 26 years of fitness knowledge and success to create a program that focuses on respecting individuals’ bodies and meeting their needs, regardless of body type, age, background, or fitness experience.


The ideology of respect your body is what Ufiit was founded upon. and the unique and non-generic approach used by Ufiit has successfully transformed  2817 men and women in the past 26yrs and counting.

So if you are sick and tired of doing the same generic one size fits all programs and getting no results, Ufiit is for you.

We are not the same as any other online fitness, weight loss, and wellness programs out there.  This is because our approach and methodology are unique and not comparable to any other.  This is because we will teach you to respect your body and know your body type while getting you great results.

When you join Ufiit everything you won’t be doing generic like other programs and your results will be amazing because you will transform your body quickly and beautifully with exercises that are fresh effective and non-generic..

But you don’t need to take our word for it, just try our free 7-day trial. We look forward to seeing you 


Safer, more effective, more enjoyable.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” health and fitness program. Ufiit breaks the stereotype that there is only one way to get a phenomenal body – and only one type of ideal body!

Unique exercises, aligned to body type, promote functionality, strength, endurance, mental alertness, muscle, tone, body awareness and enhance positive self-image. Ufiit builds a strong connection between the mind and body.

The result is an exciting, results-driven program that helps manage weight, promote health and longevity, and leave you feeling more youthful.

Canadian Fitness Expert is Transforming Fitness with a Different and Non-generic Approach

Most of the fitness people are doing is over 100yrs old. They are not only outdated but some have been proving to be damaging. UFiiT is that change.

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, March 2, 2017 / — UFiiT throws traditional fitness rules out the window. Local gym encourages Calgarians to rethink ‘No Pain, No Gain’.

No rigid diets. No unsustainable results.

Ufiit is not a prescriptive exercise program with strict rules and diet plans. Respecting the body means working with its gifts and limitations.
Learn how to tune in and take ownership of your body, and make smart diet choices. Understand the movements in each exercise and why they matter. Create and define your own ideal body and achieve your goals in a realistic, and safe manner.

Ufiit empowers you to create the best version of yourself.

No pain, no gain is a thing of the past.
Anyone can do Ufiit exercises regardless of age, current health or physical abilities. Ufiit exercises can be done anywhere – at home, in a gym, on vacation or travelling, with or without weights or equipment.

Ufiit is for people who want to feel more youthful, healthy, fit and happy. Physical exercise boosts endorphins and can make us feel good. When the exercises make our body feel good, we want to exercise more often. That’s how a Ufiit routine turns into a sustainable, healthy lifestyle with long-term mental and physical benefits.

Adrianne’s Bio:


University of Calgary- Bachelor of kinesiology Spt2001-April2006


Health coaching certification


Mind and body motion and nutrition.


Registered for ACE exam


Medical exercise specialist


CPR /First aid/ AED Current Awards


W.B.F.F 1st PRO-Card Western Canada Championship (Edmonton 2012)


W.B.F.F Alberta Championship 2011 2nd Place


W.B.F F Calgary Championship 2010 3rd Place


I.D.F.A Western Canada champion ship 3rd place (Natural bodybuilding and fitness
model championships)


Bronze medal Alberta soccer championships 1995


Southern Alberta Institute and Technology Sep1-Dec18 2017


Taught and mentored groups


Created and developed group programs


Motivated the students and teachers to be the best versions of themselves


World Health Club-Personal trainer and Lifestyle Coach 2002-2006


Helped clients become self-sufficient while teaching them tools to improve their sense of self-worth in relation self-image and overall being


Created programs and that gave clients independence and made them accomplish their overall lifestyle and health goals


Mount Royal College kids program-Camp sports and wellness team coordinator April2005-Sep2007


Organized daily activities for the kids ages 3-17yrs old


Created lesson plans for daily camp programs


Addressed concerns and solved problem regarding individual personalities


Assigned staff based on their background and expertise

A different type of trainer challenging what’s possible.

For over 25years, Ufiit creator Adrianne Oyewole has successfully trained and transformed 2419 women and men.

His success and training style defies the belief that achieving peak physical condition requires an intense and restrictive training regime, often perceived as painful and abusive.

That model doesn’t work anymore.

Adrianne’s training style delivers results that meet or even exceed society’s “ideal” within the Ufiit premise of respecting your body. No pain, no gain is a thing of the past. When stress is eliminated from exercise, our bodies perform at their best. Ufiit removes the stress, pain and fear from exercising in a safe and sustainable program that delivers results.

Ready to master your personal wellness? Yes.

Ufiit is the toolbox for you to honour your body. Select a Ufiit program and training style that aligns with your body type and goals to be a stronger, healthier, and even happier version of yourself.

UFiiT Health and Fitness would love your feedback.

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