UFiiT Way
Respect Your Body

Respect Your Body

Our Philosophy

Welcome to Ufiit an online fitness and weight loss program platform for women and men. It’s the only program based the ideology of respect your body with body type specific exercise tips and programs. It is unlike other programs that are based on the no pain no gain ideology. Ufiit was created by certified and qualified fitness experts with almost two decades of practice and experience.

It is non-generic and the exercise routines can be done at home or at the gym by both men women and teenagers. Most of the fitness routines are unique, proven and motivational. So if you are looking to transform your body, get fit, lose weight, learn how to eat healthier or maybe you just want fresh and helpful tips to improve your lifestyle then Ufiit is the best place for you. Welcome to Ufiit.

Safer, Effective, Enjoyable

Safer, Effective, Enjoyable

Ufiit is not a prescriptive exercise program with strict rules and diet plans. Respecting the body means working with its gifts and limitations. Learn how to tune in and take ownership of your body, and make smart diet choices. Understand the movements in each exercise and why they matter. Create and define your own ideal body and achieve your goals in a realistic, and safe manner.

No pain, no gain is a thing of the past. Anyone can do Ufiit exercises regardless of age, current health or physical abilities. Ufiit exercises can be done anywhere – at home, in a gym, on vacation or travelling, with or without weights or equipment. Ufiit is for people who want to feel more youthful, healthy, fit and happy. Physical exercise boosts endorphins and can make us feel good. When the exercises make our body feel good, we want to exercise more often. That’s how a Ufiit routine turns into a sustainable, healthy lifestyle with long-term mental and physical benefits.

A Different Type of Trainer

A Different Type of Trainer

Adrianne Oyewole

For over 20 years, Ufiit creator Adrianne Oyewole has successfully competed in both fitness and bodybuilding competitions using only Ufiit methods. His success and training style defies the belief that achieving peak physical condition requires an intense and restrictive training regime, often perceived as painful and abusive.

Adrianne’s training style delivers results that meet or even exceed society’s “ideal” within the Ufiit premise of respecting your body. No pain, no gain is a thing of the past. When stress is eliminated from exercise, our bodies perform at their best. Ufiit removes the stress, pain and fear from exercising in a safe and sustainable program that delivers results.

UFiiT Advantage

Everyone probably tells you how unique and different their program or method is from any other program out there. They say all the right words to draw people in then sadly, they fail to deliver.
Ufiit believes in letting our work speak for itself. If you’re curious about what our clients have to say, check out our testimonial page. But don’t take our word for it, experience it for yourself.

Other Programs

  • 1 No Pain, No Gain

    Most programs are based on the old-school philosophy of ‘No Pain, No Gain’, an outdated ideology that many current exercise routines and programs are based on. This method believes that to see results, people must abuse and punish the body.

  • 2 Generic Routines

    The same exercise routines are recycled and reused with the aim of getting results for people with different body types and fitness goals. How can this work when our bodies are not the same and our individual needs are different? It doesn’t.

  • 3 High-Impact = Damage & Burnout

    Many programs do not account for the wear-and-tear and heavy compression that they inflict onto the body, causing damage to the knees, back, shoulders, elbows, etc. Over time, working out starts to be a painful process which is why many people will either: (1) exercise less frequently or (2) not work out at all! This can be very frustrating.

  • 4 Boring, Repetitive Exercises

    Doing the same combination of exercises can get boring. Repetitive routines can leave you feeling unmotivated which can make working out seem like a chore.

UFiiT Way

  • 1 Respect Your Body

    Ufiit’s philosophy is, ‘Respect Your Body’. The Ufiit methodology was founded on this premise and is the alternative to ‘No Pain, No Gain’. We want our clients to become the best versions of themselves and it starts with treating your body with respect.

  • 2 One-Of-A-Kind Routines

    Ufiit’s exercises and routines are one-of-a-kind, something that you won’t see in any other program or gym. Ufiit’s exercise routines are focused on getting you long-term results, in addition to being functional, effective, challenging, fresh, and promoting longevity.

  • 3 Low-Impact = Preventative & Sustainable

    Your workout shouldn’t hurt! Ufiit’s refined system includes highly effective, low-impact routines that anyone can do. Over the past 26 years, Ufiit has helped many clients. Some clients have had pre-existing issues; however, this didn’t stop them from achieving their fitness, weight loss, or transformation goals.

  • 4 Unique Exercises

    Ufiit exercises are anything but repetitive. The Ufiit system contains hundreds of different exercises with numerous combinations of sequences that are stimulating, functional, strengthening, and transformational for your unique body type.