All the support and expertise of a personal trainer without the cost. 7-Week Lean is an online training program for anyone who wants to kick-start a healthier lifestyle and mindset.

The January 7-Week Lean is currently running. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the next round!

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You'll be invited to a private Facebook group where your workouts will be posted and you can chat with me and everyone on the program, so we can keep each other accountable!


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You'll get a 3-day food diary to complete which I'll then personally review and help you to optimize your diet for maximum fat burn!


Your first workout of unique UFiiT exercises will be posted the day before your start date, followed by a new one every week throughout the program.

Join the team and get lean in just 7 weeks

Testimonial by Beata

“It has been a great journey so far! Thank you so much for your support. I really enjoyed the program and it has taught me to embrace strength training as part of my routine. I can really see myself taking what I've learned and applying it to my new healthier lifestyle”

  • Get Transformed

    Get Transformed

    A new way of life, not just a quick fix destined to fail

  • Get Lean

    Get Lean

    Shift fat and build strength without pain

  • Get Specific

    Get Specific

    Exercises personalized to your body type

  • Get Healthy

    Get Healthy

    Learn how to fuel your body for maximum results

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What Do I Get?

  • Exclusive access to 7 weeks worth of unique workouts

  • Access to our group of supportive and fun members

  • Personal support and knowledge from Adrianne

  • Personalized diet analysis

  • Motivational emails from Adrianne with tips and tricks

  • Meal suggestions and nutritional advice

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What Do I Need?

  • A set of dumbbells

  • Exercise/yoga mat

  • Foam roller

  • Resistance band

  • Swiss ball

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