10 Health Hacks to Increase Your Fitness

Adopting a healthier lifestyle is all about making small positive changes gradually until they eventually become new habits. Try out just a few of these to start with and you’ll soon feel the benefits.

  1. Take a walk – get some fresh air every day. Set a reminder on your phone or diary to go for a walk. This will help your mental wellbeing too.
  1. Think fit – Instead of always doing things the easy or fast way (taking escalators, using valet parking), rethink the services that reduce your activity level. Even tiny changes can make a difference. So don’t have someone else run upstairs to grab your sweater, for example; fetch it yourself.
  1. Get competitive – if you’re the competitive type, an activity tracking wristband could be your best friend! Lots of them offer the option to compete with friends in step challenges, they also give you prompts on your progress and reminders to move if you haven’t in a while. Sometimes adding that element of competition is all you need to give yourself the kick you need to get off your butt and start moving!
  1. Involve your loved ones – opt for active options when spending time with your friends and family. Opt for a walk in the hills or a swim instead of dinner, drinks and the cinema. Every active minute counts towards a healthier you.
  1. Schedule your workouts – your workouts are an appointment with yourself (a happier, fitter self). And just as important as that meeting or date is, these are just as important! Every Sunday night, schedule them into your diary and set reminders. They should be non-negotiable parts of your routine.
  1. Get more sleep – sleep deprivation has a way of ruining everything else in your waking hours. Your performance depends on you getting those 8 hours at night. 20-minute power naps during the day can also work wonders, provided that they don’t stretch beyond that! People who sleep more also tend to make better food choices. And stop scrolling Facebook right before bed – blue light from laptop or phone screens affects your melatonin levels and prevents you from falling asleep.
  1. Stand more, sit less – reducing the amount of time you spend sitting a day can make a huge difference. Consider getting a standing desk for your work or your home office, or sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair.
  1. Make playlists for your workouts – music is an excellent motivator and you can time it to fit the length of your desired workout, stopping you from looking at the clock every other second. Adjusting the tempo and rhythm of your playlist will also encourage you to move.
  1. Stretch more – after a long day at your desk, your body will thank you if you make it a routine to do a few stretching exercises as soon as you come home or while watching TV. You won’t believe how much better you will feel.
  1. Change your coping methods – a lot of us handle stress by reaching for a chocolate bar or by having a drink. What if you made a habit out of taking a short walk around the neighbourhood whenever you feel a bit overwhelmed instead? It tackles your mental health and does your physical health a favour at the same time.

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